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I discovered The Balm Shop at the Black Business Women Rock Expo. I am glad I did. You give great products, great service, and you deliver quickly. I'll keep you posted on how the product helps the

1- year-old I bought it for. He struggles with eczema. We need you!

- Laia Jones

Awesome product; best balm! The body balm is excellent product. It keeps my normally dry skin moisturized and soft after every use.

-Paula Hammond

I have been searching for a body moisturizer that doesn't cause irritation to sensitive skin. The balm shop body butter is not only hydrating but gives my skin a healthy natural sheen. Mango smells so good and is my favorite fragrance. I discovered that it is also a great balm for natural hairstyles. You have to use it on your feet, they will shine!

-Natisha Newberry


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