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A message from our founder

Hello and welcome to The Balm Shop & Co. ® 

We are an Indie-beauty company with humanitarian heart. Our mission is to provide you with clean beauty options that yield an everyday spa experience. Our roots stem from the simple, yet profound premise that the Earth contains everything needed to obtain and maintain healthy, beautiful skin. 

I created The Balm Shop & Co., after struggling with dry, sensitive skin. After growing tired of using prescription creams loaded with steroids, I went in search of a natural solution. Today, I am excited to have a line of wonderful products that will pamper you daily.  

Take a look around and dive into our collection. Your skin will love you for it! 


Crystal Williams


Our philosophy

We recognize that it doesn't take a million and one ingredients to formulate a great and effective product. Our goal is to give you the best by incorporating high quality and ethically sourced ingredients in each bottle. Our team thoughtfully curates and tests the best to get you directly to your end goal – beautiful, healthy skin.

Image by Katherine Hanlon

Our promise to keep it clean

From the birth of our existence, we have believed that going back to nature's garden to find the resources to maintain healthy, beautiful skin is a best practice. In our study, we have found that fruits, nuts, vegetables oils, extracts and essentials, have innate holistic properties that promote wholeness, nourishment and protection from everyday common skincare challenges and is good for the environment overall. The word ‘natural’ for us speaks of simplistic authenticity. No pretense; what you see is what you really get. Why? “Because natural is beautiful.” So we remain naturally free from parabens, paraffins, harsh fragrances, and are cruelty-free.  

Our Conscious Beauty 


In 2020, we embarked on a mission to become more conscious of our environment by decreasing our use of plastics and non-recyclable materials. To reach this goal, we begun transitioning out the use of large plastic containers in exchange for sustainable, recyclable and low-waste packaging options like paper and glass. Our ultimate goal is to to decrease our total use of plastics by 30 percent by the end of  2021.   

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