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Make your New Year's Resolutions Stick

January 3, 2018

You made it! Welcome to a new year! No doubt you’ve already started thinking about how to create better habits. Here are a few tips to help you make New Year’s resolutions that stick.

Create goals

Before accomplishing anything, you first must see yourself doing it.

With new year and a new you in mind, take time to develop goals that will draw a picture for how to get there. Developing goals doesn’t sound super exciting, but it will serve as a physical road map that will increase your chances of achieving your goals.


There are many ways to complete this. Your goal sheet does not have to be fancy or extensive. Set aside one hour this week to write out your top 3 goals for the first 12 weeks of the year. Be sure to identify how you will accomplish them, and what you need to realize them. If you’d like to be more creative, try making a vision board with inspiring photos and sayings that will motivate you daily toward your goals. Both methods are easy to do, and you will accomplish more in little time.


Begin slowly, start small, stay flexible

Creating new habits takes time. Biting off more that you can chew is a sure way to deflate your motivation. Begin slowly and start small by making  resolutions that you think you can really keep. For example, if you want to add more exercise to your weekly routine, do not start off with 7 days of exercise. Start with a minimum of three days a week. Stay flexible. If you can’t make the gym, go for a walk around your building at work. Do 10 minutes of chair yoga at your desk. Do something that helps you check off your goal for that day/week.  

Focus on one thing at a time

Making too many changes at once can be overwhelming. Remember, you want to hold on to your motivation. Focus on one goal at a time and give yourself a short, but reasonable timeframe in which to accomplish it.


Lean on your support system

Sharing your goals with family and friends, can help you stay on track and accountable. Join a class at the gym or join a walking group at work. Having someone to share your challenges and successes with will make your journey more enjoyable and less daunting.


Don’t beat yourself up 

Perfect practice, make perfect. Keep in mind, you are creating new habits and that takes time. Don’t beat yourself up because you got swamped at work and skipped the gym, or ate that chocolate cake at your niece’s birthday party. You will not always hit the mark. Stay focused on the end goal, don’t give up, and you will see the results you want.


It is better to shoot for 100 percent and only get half, then to shoot for zero and get all of it.  

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