1 oz. Net Wt. eco-friendly tube

*up to 3 uses per tube


The Deep Moisturizing Facial Mask is the second in our DIY Series of Facial Masks. It has a French Sea Clay base, which provide a medium detox for the skin. Other key ingredients include Avocado + cucumber + matcha green tea.  


This is a great mask for those looking to condition, tighten and calm skin.


Okay for all skin types, especially those with normal to oily skin.




  • KEY: Avocado stimulates the blend of collagen and elastin fibers that maintain the structure and elasticity of skin. It nourishes deep and prevents wrinkles. Cucumber has skin toning properties that conditions and combats the signs of aging. Matcha Green Tea has acne reducing properties and is helpful for reducing inflamation. 

  • Montmorillonite (french clay), kaolinite (kaolin clay), Persea Americana (avocado), Cucumis sativus (cucumber), camellia sinensis (matcha green tea), Apis mellifera (honey), and citrus oils.


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