Founder, Crystal Williams, The Balm Shop & Co.

I’ve struggled with dry skin for most of my life. No matter which products I used, dry skin remained the result.  In 2011, I was officially diagnosed with dermatitis, commonly known as Eczema.  After growing tired of using prescription creams loaded with steroids, I went in search of a natural solution.


After two years of testing countless recipes, I finally developed a body balm with the perfect combination of natural ingredients.  It successfully calmed and moisturized my dry, itchy skin.  In 2014, I shared the balm with my closest friends.  And, today, I am excited to share it with the world.


By definition the word “balm” is a fragrant ointment or cream used to heal or soothe.  A balm also provides a comforting, soothing or restorative effect.  At The Balm Shop & Co., our mission is to stay true to that definition, so we begin and end with the best natural ingredients to formulate our products.  My hope is that they serve you as well as they have served me.



Crystal Williams

Founder, The Balm Shop & Co.

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