Building community is our passion.

Founder, Crystal Williams, is an advocate for volunteerism and outreach, which makes giving back to communities in need an inherent part of our DNA.


She established L.O.V.E. Works International to support general relief efforts and sustainability projects.  Ten percent (10%) of our sales are allocated to break the cycle of poverty, empower lives, and strengthen communities.


Our inaugural donation in 2015, helped establish the MyCare Hygiene Kit Program, where body care products that aid in preventing the spread of disease among the poor and indigent in Africa and in Los Angeles were distributed.


L.O.V.E. Works International (Leading Organized Volunteer Efforts) is a 501(c)3 organization on a mission.


Visit loveworksintl.org to learn more.


Johanessburg, South  Africa

Skid row, Los Angeles

Wolkite, Ethiopia

Chingola, Zambia

Pictured above: Crystal Williams, founder of the Balm Shop  & Co. on various outreach efforts with local and global friends.

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